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What are the Russian Railways in 2017?

85,300 km of railway lines.
21,000 cars.
3,100 locomotives.
The maximum duration of the journey on one train through 7 time zones is 6 days and 5 hours.
The travel distance during that time is of 9,288 km.

Advantages of travelling by train with Russian railways:
-a variety of routes thanks to the large length of the railway network;
-any journey length: from a weekend tour to a railway cruise;
-the formation of cars of various comfort levels.
Circum Railway near Lake Baikal

What is waiting for you in Russia?

Panorama of the mountains of the Altai

The wild nature of Russia.

Taiga is the largest natural reserve in Russia. The width of the European part reaches 800 km, and 2,150 km in Western and Eastern Siberia.

The Mountain Altai is often compared with Tibet. According to many legends, there is an entrance into a mystical country called Shambhala.

Even if you are not a professional traveller, the journey from Moscow to Irkutsk or Vladivostok by a RZD (Russian Railways) train will not leave you indifferent since this route is the main part of the Trans-Siberian Express.
Kid on the embankment of St. Petersburg

Explore St. Petersburg

It was used to be called, or it is still called nowadays the "Window to Europe", the "Northern Capital", Petrograd, Leningrad and Peter.
This is the city that Peter I founded in 1703 after visiting Amsterdam, Zaandam and Utrecht. It has many channels and islands, and the central old part is built based on the likeness of the Dutch towns.

Several major museums, the well-known panorama of the Neva River, the old part of the city that was built several centuries ago… – all that and more is waiting for you in the northern capital.
A big crowd at a summer concert

Concerts and night club life

Popular night clubs. Russian artists and world stars.
All concerts in the framework of the major tours are held in Moscow and St. Petersburg with an interval of 2-3 days.

Thanks to the Russian railways, any fan will be able to attend twice the concert of his or her favourite star. Tickets starting at 1,200 roubles (at 20 euros).

Some night trains are as comfortable as hotels, which is a great way to not only relax, but also to save up your trip budget.

A trip to wild or underpopulated places of Russia

Karelia is the closest underpopulated territory to Europe. It will take you 5 hours by train to get there from St. Petersburg. The farthest territory of Russia is the Kamchatka, and it will take you nine hours flying time to get there from Moscow.

Visiting Russian capitals

Two of the largest cities of Russia. Two capitals with a rich history. They are 700 km away from each other, and only four hours away if you take a high-speed train.

Various tips and recommendations

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