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How to correctly provide personal data

Please carefully fill out the details of all passengers in the order. The person inputting the passenger data in the order bears full responsibility. Please keep in mind that if you commit a mistake when inputting the numbers of documents and other personal data, the passenger will not be able to receive the boarding pass or board the train.

The symbol "No." is not indicated when filling out the form.

You can input the data of the passport or birth certificate of citizens of foreign states after indicating the document type "Foreign document".

The personal data of the passenger must match the data provided in the identity proving document. If the personal data is provided in the document in two languages (Cyrillic and Latin characters), the information in the order must be filled in with Cyrillic letters, when traveling inside Russia, within CIS countries, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Estonia, and the Republic of Abkhazia. The information in the order is filled in with the Latin characters when traveling to non-CIS countries.

If you identified a mistake in the personal data, you must correct the mistake before the order is disbursed. If you did not manage to correct the mistake, you will have to return the ticket according to the return procedure. The service fee will not be refunded according to the terms and conditions of the Offer Agreement.

What is an electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket is a modern and quick way to get a travel document directly from home, without wasting time on a trip to the train station.

When buying an electronic railroad ticket, you can select a train and a specific seat/berth, which is purchased for right away at the moment of payment.

After paying for the electronic ticket, a check coupon for the e-ticket will be sent to the e-mail address. It is a document on a registered high-security form. However, if you have not registered electronically, it will be invalid for boarding the train.

You will need the following in order to ride the train:

either register electronically, receive a boarding pass by e-mail (for trains with electronic registration service) and present it to the train attendant when boarding along with the ID that was provided when ordering the ticket;
get the boarding pass in the booking office at the railroad station or at a self-service terminal in the Russian Federation.
You can print have your boarding pass in the booking office any time before the train departs the origin railroad station. To do so, you will need the order code number (the 14-digit number that will be indicated on your voucher) and the ID provided at the time the railroad ticket was purchased.

Passenger insurance

When purchasing an electronic train ticket on the website, you can also apply for an insurance policy for the passenger issued at the same time. Issuing an insurance policy is as simple as ticking the appropriate box when filling in the form. You do not need to go to the insurance company office: after purchasing the ticket, you will receive by e-mail the insurance policy form, which you will need to print out. The insurance policy will only cost you 100 rubles, and in case of occurrence of the insured event, you will receive up to 150,000 rubles.

When filling in the form, the "Including insurance" item will be selected by default. You can decline the insurance policy by simply removing the tick from the appropriate box. But you should keep in mind that after declining the insurance policy when purchasing the ticket, you will not be able to obtain an insurance policy for the purchased railroad ticket.

Orders with an insurance policy can only be paid for by bank card.

The insurance policy form will be sent to you at the e-mail address provided when making the order. You must print it out yourself.

Note! Printing out and returning voluntary insurance policies that were issued on the website of UFS, LLC and in booking offices of JSC RZD and FPC JSC is not performed.

I need to buy tickets for 5 people, but the order form is only designed for the 4 passengers. What should I do?

One order can only be used to order 4 electronic tickets for 4 passengers. Moreover, the seats of different types (compartments, economy class etc.), as well as different types of compartments (for men, women, mixed) can only be arranged for by separate orders. If you need to buy tickets for a larger number of passengers, you need to split them into two orders.

Is the incorrectly indicated passenger gender/date of birth/place of birth considered a mistake?

A mistake in the incorrectly indicated gender/date of birth/place of birth of a passenger is not sufficient grounds to deny boarding.

Why can't I have a ticket issued "without a reserved seat " in first-class car for an 8-year old child?

The possibility of issuing a children's ticket depends on the service class and the trip route.

The 4-person sleeper compartment in a lounge car should be paid for entirely. Discounts for child fares are not applicable. Therefore, even if the adult travels with a child, he/she will have to arrange for two full-price adult tickets.
If two adults with a child of up to 10 years-old travel in the compartment (depending on the trip destination), a cashless ticket can be issued for the child in addition to the adult tickets.

I purchased a ticket, then changed my passport (because of marriage/upon reaching 20 or 45 years of age/losing the previous passport). Do I need to exchange the ticket?

It is not necessary to return the ticket. Just present the your old passport's data (if it's replaced by a new one), or a certificate issued by the police or a corresponding record in the new passport (19th page). If you change your surname (name, patronymic), you should produce a document proving the change of data (a marriage certificate, in case of the surname change or a certificate proving the name change).

I've already bought a ticket. Now I have to account for it to the accounting department. Where can I get a receipt for your service fee?

The information on the order and the order management, the generation of the e-ticket form and the service fee receipt is available in the Your order service.

Is my payment protected?

We guarantee absolute security of payments. Your bank card's data is protected. You enter them on a protected payment page, and the information is transmitted to the processing center using SSL encryption technology.

We do not transmit the data of your bank card to any third parties. A 3D Secure protocol can be used for additional authentication of the bank card holder. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to the bank server to enter additional payment data.

Should you have questions on the effected payment, you may contact our support service at or by phone at 8 (495) 269-83-65.

Payment by bank card is performed through certified processing centers (which correspond to PCI DSS 2.0 security standard): GateLine, Uniteller, Transport Clearing House, CJSC.

Is it possible to present a notarized copy of the passport/birth certificate when boarding?

According to the rules of the carrier, the original document proving the passenger's identity that was provided when ordering the ticket must be presented upon boarding.

I made a mistake when entering the surname/name/passport number. Can I make corrections?

The carrier admits one mistake in the document number, proving the passenger's identity, and one mistake in the passenger's surname. If there are more mistakes or the data provided is completely incorrect, it is necessary to return the ticket and buy a new one after providing the correct data.

What if the surname and name in the passport are provided in two languages?

When ordering tickets for domestic train rides, the data must be entered in Russian. As for railroad trips to non-CIS countries, the data may be entered using Latin characters.

Is it possible to have an e-ticket re-issued for a different date/passenger?

It is not possible to re-issue an e-ticket. You can have the ticket returned and buy a new one, after selecting a different date or entering the data for a different passenger.

For which trains is it possible to get electronic tickets?

It is possible to order electronic tickets for domestic train service, as well as railroad communication with CIS countries and the Baltic states, with some countries of Europe and for some commuter trains.

I am not in Russia now. How can I buy the ticket?

You can have the ticket issued from any point in the world by paying by bank card or e-cash. A check coupon will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the ticket order. This check coupon is regarded as a confirmation of the ticket purchase. The train boarding conditions are specified in the voucher.

I come from a foreign country. How can I buy a ticket? How do I enter a foreign citizen's data without a patronymic?

You have to correctly choose the type of the document to issue the ticket. For foreign passengers, please select "Foreign document" and enter the data the same way they are provided in the document. If there is no patronymic, just put a hyphen in the appropriate box.

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