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How does price formation take place?
Unlike plane tickets, train tickets in Russia cannot be bought half a year prior to departure. They go on sale only 45 days before the departure of the train. Some of them – 60 days before but these are mostly international destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are fare plans for each direction. 

The price depends on the season, day of the week and the volumes of passenger traffic. On the first day of sales (45 or 60 days prior to departure) passengers will be guaranteed the lowest possible fares available for the desired train. Later on, the price will increase as the seats in the train cars fill up and in case of high demand for a specific date.

What is dynamic pricing?

The higher the demand and the fewer seats are left, the higher the price of tickets is. But if the demand for tickets is low, then the sale at low prices can continue until the departure date of the train.

How do I return a ticket?

The return of tickets is carried out in accordance with the fares at which these tickets were purchased.

Purchase in advance or the day prior to departure

Sometimes, if there are vacant seats tickets can cost cheaper 3-24 hours prior to departure than if you bought them 3-15 days in advance. If you pack fast and easily for a trip, then this is a good option to buy inexpensive tickets.

The ticket for the whole route is cheaper

Even if you do not need to get to the terminal station, find out how much the ticket costs to get there. Often, there are discounts that apply only to the full route, and the ticket to the terminal station can cost you less than to the intermediate one where you need to get off. You can also get on the train at any station after the one specified in the ticket.

Traveling across the border

Ask beforehand how much it will cost you two tickets – one to the station on the border, the last in Russia, and the other one from the same station to the destination. This way it can be cheaper than buying one ticket for the whole trip because the transit across the border is calculated at higher interstate fares.

Examples of prices for popular trains at various times prior to departure

If there are a lot of tickets for the same direction, the price may decrease. If there are not enough tickets, the price increases by the time of departure. This example is given at a certain point in time. After a week or a month, the price parameters may differ.

Train "Sapsan"

Low price in the next few days due to a large number of vacant seats. If you easily pack for a trip, it will be a great opportunity to get to another city in only four hours.
Trip the next day
2865 rub
Trip in 30 days
3349 rub
Trip in 59 days
2865 rub

Train "Krasnaya Strela" (Red Arrow)

This example is similar to the previous one. Low price in the next few days due to a large number of vacant seats. But this does not always happen in a season when there are a lot of tourists. However, if you have the opportunity to buy a cheap ticket, take it. This is an overnight train so you can get some sleep, and the next morning you will find yourself in a new city.
Departure of the train the next day
2792 rub

Trip in 30 days
3167 rub

Trip in 59 days
3437 rub

Train "Allegro"

This train does not have a lot of alternatives. Moreover, this route is popular among tourists. Therefore, the ticket price is usually higher in the last days prior to departure. If you are planning a trip to Helsinki before or after visiting Russia, we recommend buying a ticket in advance.
Departure of the train the next day
4251 rub

Trip in 30 days
2128 rub

Trip in 59 days
2128 rub

Note. Prices for March 15, 2017 are given as an example

This is an example of prices at a certain point in time. After a week or a month, the prices for the dates you selected may vary.
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