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Trains from Helsinki

Special train* "Allegro"

*Special train (the so-called "firmenny") is a long-distance fast train that offers top quality service, has modern coaches and a restaurant car.
The high-speed train "Allegro" will take you to Helsinki from St. Petersburg in little more than 3.5 hours. You will go faster only by plane.
Such speed is achieved due to the fact that the document check and customs control are carried out during the trip. This significantly reduces the time spent by passengers. Services
Wi-Fi is available to passengers throughout the entire journey. "Allegro" also has a restaurant car with 38 seats and three bar racks.

Special train "Lev Tolstoy" (Leo Tolstoy)

*Special train (the so-called "firmenny") is a long-distance fast train that offers top quality service, has modern coaches and a restaurant car.
The overnight train "Leo Tolstoy" (№ 31/32) goes daily from Moscow to Helsinki from the Leningradsky station.
A ticket to the first-class car is much more expensive than a ticket for the second-class or the third-class car. But for this money, besides the air conditioner, you will get a personal bathroom with heated floor and shower, a LCD TV, a DVD-player, an additional upper sleeping shelf of 80 cm wide and a comfortable sofa, which is laid out in a half-spaced bed with a width 110 cm.
At the end of the first-class car there is a lounge bar. You can buy drinks from the conductor, as well as order dishes from the restaurant car.
By the way, another advantage of the "Lev Tolstoy" train for international trips is that you can exchange money directly on the train, and on the way back you can also get a refund on Tax Free checks.

Moscow – St. Petersburg – a small guide about trains

The most popular route in Russia for foreign tourists is Moscow – Saint Petersburg.
Many tourists travel overnight, thus saving a fare for one night at the hotel. 
But now the high-speed day train "Sapsan" with a 4-hour travel time compete with overnight trains.

"Sapsan" (Peregrine)

"Sapsan" is the first high-speed "Russian Railways" train.
This is one of the fastest trains on the Russian railway.
Its speed in Russia is limited to 250 km/h, and now you can get from Moscow to St. Petersburg in less than 4 hours.
"Sapsan" operates between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In the first-class car there is also a 4-seat compartment-meeting room with the possibility of carrying out presentations. It is equipped with multimedia equipment, a mini-bar and individual lighting control. This compartment can only be bought as a whole.

Special train "Nevsky Express"

"Nevsky Express" is a day train.
It is one of the fastest and most convenient trains that runs between Moscow and St. Petersburg every day, except Saturdays from St. Petersburg and Sundays from Moscow. The journey takes 4 hours and 10 minutes.
The train is made up of cars
Sitting cars with 6-seat compartments (48 seats in each)
Sitting cars with an open salon (68 in each)
Restaurant car
The maximum speed is 200 km/h
The train cars are equipped with folding orthopaedic armchairs, bio toilets and air conditioning.
In the restaurant car passengers can enjoy a wide range of hot dishes, snacks, hot and cold drinks. If necessary, the conductor of the car can help call the waiter and order a dish from the restaurant car to be delivered directly to the passenger.

Overnight trains with excellent sleeping places:

 Double-decker train
 "Saint Petersburg – Moscow – St. Petersburg"

About the train The new special double-decker train № 005A/006А operates on Moscow – St. Petersburg – Moscow route from February 1, 2015. This is an overnight train with a convenient schedule. The travel time from St. Petersburg to Moscow is 7 hours 57 minutes, from Moscow to St. Petersburg – 7 hours 54 minutes. Seats numbering: On the first floor – from the 1st to the 32nd seat; On the second floor – from the 81st to the 112th seat; The bottom seats are odd, and the upper ones are even.

Double-decker special train
"Moscow – Adler – Moscow"

One of the most important advantages of a double-decker car is that it accommodates more passengers. In the double-decker compartment car there are 64 sleeping places (16 compartments), and in the ordinary car there are only 36 (9 compartments). Thanks to this, the fare for a double-decker train is lower than for trains similar in class.
The train departs at 10am from Kazan Station and overcomes the distance between Moscow and Adler in 25 hours.

Special train "Krasnaya Strela" (Red Arrow)

The most famous overnight train Moscow – Saint Petersburg, which is still one of the best ones.
This was the first train in Russia in the Soviet era, and its route remains the same. This train leaves Moscow (Oktyabrsky/Leningradsky station) and St. Petersburg (Glavnyy/Oktyabrsky/Moscovsky station) at 23:55, and arrives at 08:25 the next morning. The choice of seats based on gender is given in two cars.
A soft first-class car (VIP) is equipped with the requirements of increased comfort. Four 2-seat compartments are equipped with individual bathrooms with shower, a bio toilet, heated floor, a LCD TV with a CD/DVD-player and a conductor call button.

Special train "Megapolis"

"Megapolis" is the first private train that belongs to the railway passenger company called "Tver Express". It has been operating daily on Moscow – Tver – St. Petersburg route and back since 2006. The journey takes 8 hours.
"Megapolis" is an overnight train, offering high-quality services for transportation and passengers. The train is distinguished by bright colours, perfect comfort, free Wi-Fi and competitive prices.

Luxury overnight train "Grand Express"

This is a private overnight luxury train that operates between St. Petersburg and Moscow. The fare starts from 3,300 roubles (68 or 110 US dollars) for the cheapest of four classes of sleeping places, all with a TV in the room. The most expensive rooms have a separate shower and toilet.

Special train "Belye Nochi" (White nights)

The special train "White Nights" runs daily.
Travel time: 12 hours 33 minutes on Vologda – St. Petersburg route, 12 hours 13 minutes on St. Petersburg – Vologda route.

Special train "Premium - Tatarstan"

The first trip of Gorkovskaya railway train number 1/2 "Tatarstan" Kazan – Moscow was in October 1993. In June 2009, the train was transferred to the Premium class. Premium-class trains are high-quality special trains, which include only new cars of Tver Carriage Works, equipped with air conditioning systems and environmentally friendly toilet complexes.

Special train "Yamal"

The Yamal special train runs along the Novy Urengoy – Korotchayevo railway section, linking Novy Urengoy with Yekaterinburg and Moscow.
Travel time: 67 hours 22 minutes on Novy Urengoy – Moscow route, 63 hours 2 minutes on Moscow – Novy Urengoy route.

Special train "Belarus"

The special overnight train "Belarus" overcomes 750 km between the capitals of Russia and Belarus in less than 10 hours.
In interstate communication, the price of the ticket includes dinner or breakfast (you can choose between three dishes) and a set of bedding.

Special train "Strizh" (Swift)

The high-speed train "Strizh" operates daily on Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Moscow route. The maximum number of trips is carried out on Fridays. Travel time – from 3 hours 35 minutes.

Special train "Arctica" (Arctic)

Runs daily. The travel time from Moscow to Murmansk is 35 hours 25 minutes, from Murmansk to Moscow – 35 hours 56 minutes.
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