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A vintage steam train rides on the Russian Railway.

The Trans-Siberian Express

Just a few times a year, the magnificent "Golden Eagle", a luxury stylized train, departs from Moscow along the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok. Perfectly decorated atmosphere, spacious coupes, well organized excursion program – this all is a good opportunity to travel through the whole country with maximum comfort...

From Moscow to Vladivostok - Trains "Golden Eagle", "Russia", "Vostok"...

Safety in Russia
(Traveler's opinion from Belgium)

‘Can I find a supermarket in the neighbourhood?’, I ask the receptionist of my hostel in Moscow where I’ll be staying the next few days. She precisely draw a small map guiding me to the nearest supermarket.
‘But don’t look no one in the eyes on the street.’, she adds as a piece of advice. ‘They are all dangerous criminals.’
Her son who is sitting beside her argues her warning.
‘They are not all criminals. It’s just the maffia.’, he says with a stretched face.
Their expression confirms that they are not kidding.

Currency exchange rate in Russia in 2017

Exchanging currency peculiarities in Russia

Any traveler is aware of these simple rules

* Do not exchange currency at the airport upon your arrival.
* Do not exchange currency from suspicious individuals outside official offices.
* Always confirm the current official exchange rate in the country you’ve just arrived to.

Mobile advertising in Russia

Mobile telephony in Russia

Russia is in the top three countries with the lowest tariffs for mobile Internet access, the second after Iran - from the report of the analytical company Content Review on the results of a survey conducted in March 2016.

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