Mobile telephony in Russia - MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2.

What are the features of mobile telephony in Russia.

Russia is one of the few countries in the world where cellular operators' tariff plans differ from region to region. In other countries, as usual, the set of services and their cost in different cities is the same. In Russia, you can find its own tariffs in every region. The reasons for this have developed historically. In the early 1990s, when mobile communication appeared in the country, licenses were given to cellular operators for certain regions.

Therefore, only recently, inexpensive telephony became available for subscribers when traveling within Russia. Earlier, for Russians communication was expensive when one wanted to go to another region and especially to another country.

There is a case where in 2011 tourists with Russian sim-cards were vacationing on Crete. Downloaded the movie in an online movie theater, upon returning to Russia, they received a check for more than one million rubles. This is more than 20,000 euros at the rate of 2011.
Conditionally free services.
In pursuit of revenue, operators sometimes impose additional services on subscribers. The easiest way is to connect them secretly. First, for example, "experimental operation" is organized: everything is free, there are no complaints. Then, as usual, in 10 days on the website it is announced that soon the service will become paid, and after that the subscription fee is gradually being charged.

Or even easier: right in the conditions of the tariff plan it is mentioned that when you connect or change you receive a variety of services, and the first month they are provided free of charge, and then, if the subscriber does not turn them off, the subscription fee starts to be charged.

About the cost of cellular communication services in Russia.

* At the moment, the basic Russian package tariffs of mobile operators are much lower than European ones.

* Russia shares with Hong Kong the first place in the ranking of countries with the most affordable cellular communications. This rating is part of the report on the development of technologies prepared by the organizers of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The rating was compiled in 2016.

* Russia is in the top three countries with the lowest tariffs for mobile Internet access, the second after Iran - from the report of the analytical company Content Review on the results of a survey conducted in March 2016.

The reason for this is strong competition in this market of Russia.
Support for foreign customers.
The English version of the site is only available for MTS. And this version is rather truncated in content.
Megafon and Tele2 have "English" links on the main pages. But they lead to page 404 :-)

The leaders in the provision of mobile services in Russia are Megafon, MST, Beeline and Tele2.

The last company has European roots. But a few years ago it was completely redeemed and now it is owned by Russians. Nevertheless, till now the tariffs of this company are simple for understanding. The order of a sim-card for foreigners goes quickly and without unnecessary red tape (bureaucracy). Given the low cost of cellular services, you can issue a sim card for any company. However, we recommend Tele2 and we make a detailed review of tariffs and the purchase of the sim-card Tele2.

"It's not that you spend an extra 1-2 euros for services that you do not need. The important thing is that you can be not in touch at the right time. "

Examples of basic parameters in tele2 tariffs

Examples of tele2 tariffs
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